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High frequency shaker maintenance and maintenance

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High frequency shaker maintenance and maintenance



High frequency shaker maintenance and maintenance

The high-frequency vibrating screen uses a new energy-saving vibration motor or exciter as the vibration source. The vibration-reducing device supports and isolates the vibration. It has the advantages of robustness, low noise, and easy maintenance. It is mainly used for fine-grained dewatering, grading, and slime and tailings. Mine recovery.

High frequency shaker maintenance
1. The working part of the screen is mainly a screen. The screen is fixed by stainless steel wire (or polyurethane seam) at a certain distance and fixed on the screen board. The polyurethane screen wire has a certain elasticity, and the material can produce two after impact. Secondary vibrations facilitate the passage of the material through the screen. When there is foreign matter on the screen, clean it in time.

2. When the coil spring is in use, the vibration condition of the coil spring should be observed. If an abnormal phenomenon occurs in the vibration process, the coil spring should be replaced in time to ensure the normal operation of the screen machine.

3. For every 72 hours of work, the fastening bolts of the support device of the screening machine should be inspected once to ensure its normal operation.

4. When the exciter is being repaired, the bearing installation should be carried out under dry, dust-free conditions.

5. The disassembly of the exciter assembly should be based on the reverse order. The removed parts should be cleaned and checked for continued use.

6, timely replacement of wearing parts, such as screen wire. Check once every 500 hours, check whether the screen plate is loose, and fasten the bolts on the screen plate, the coal blocking plate connecting bridge, etc.


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