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What Crusher Do I Need?

Good quality Crushing Equipment for sales
Good quality Crushing Equipment for sales
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What Crusher Do I Need?


What Crusher Do I Need?


If you have large rocks or other material, such as concrete rubble or concrete runouts that you would like to transform into smaller sizes, a crusher is the machine for the job. There are three types of crushers available – Cone Crushers, Impact Crushers and Jaw Crushers – which is the best choice for your application? Let’s find out.

Primary Crushers

The first step in transforming large particles into small pieces is running them through a primary crusher – a crusher that takes raw material and crushes it smaller. The material can be virgin material or recycled material that has been prepared to a size that the crusher can handle. Sizing can involve the loading machine simply picking through oversize pieces or having a rock breaker on site that attaches to an excavator to reduce the size of the larger pieces. Both Impact Crushers and Jaw Crushers can be used as primary crushers. Here’s how each works:

Our Impact Crushers feature a four-bar rotor inside a large crusher chamber. The rotor typically has two “blow bars” that strike the raw material and knock it against aprons inside the chamber. Two “inactive bars” typically counterbalance the blow bars and help maintain the speed of the rotor. The raw material continues to be impacted within the chamber until is it sized to escape through the gap between the rotor bars and the chamber.






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